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2006/2007 - Adult Television Drama

The following adult television drama has been financed so far during the 2006/2007 period

BED OF ROSES (6x1 hour mini-series)
Southern Star/Ruby Entertainment
Producers: Mark Ruse, Stephen Luby
Directors: TBC
Writers: Jutta Goetze, Elizabeth Coleman
Sales and Distribution: ABC TV, Southern Star International
Synopsis: When Louisa Atherton's wealthy husband Jack drops dead in the arms of another woman, Louisa thinks things can't get worse - until she discovers that he's left her bankrupt. Forced to go back to her tiny home town with her tail between her legs she has to re-negotiate her relationships with her prickly mother and recalcitrant kids and to face herself and the harsh concrete realities of life which she has never had to before in an environment that is way outside her comfort zone.

EAST OF EVERYTHING (6x1 hour mini-series)
Twenty 20 Pty Ltd
Producer: Fiona Eagger
Co-producer/Writer: Deb Cox
Associate producer/Writer: Roger Monk
Director: TBC
Sales and Distribution: ABC, ABC Enterprises
Synopsis: Art Watkins has spent most of his professional life travelling the globe in search of paradise but when his mother dies Art is drawn reluctantly back to the town of Broken Bay and the lives and loves of the people he left behind.

THE FALLS (tele-movie)
Pacific and Beyond Pty Ltd
Executive producer: Ron Saunders
Producers: Tim Pye, Cathy Strickland, Kerrie Mainwaring
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Writers: Tim Pye, Cathy Strickland
Sales and Distribution: Network Ten, Beyond Entertainment, All3Media International
Synopsis: The Falls is a murder mystery set in the scenic Blue Mountains of New South Wales; it is also a story of new understanding between mother and son.

MAJOR CRIME (6 x 52 minute mini-series)
Knapman Wyld Television Pty Ltd
Producers: Steve Knapman, Kris Wyld
Director: Peter Andrikidis
Writer: Kristen Dunphy, Kris Wyld, Michael Miller, Kris Mrksa, Michelle Offen with Sherine Salama. Series and Stories created by Steve Knapman & Kris Wyld with Muslim Detective Consultant Ali Rafik.
Sales & Distribution: SBS Independent, Minotaur
Synopsis: This is the story of two detectives - one a Muslim, the other Anglo-Australian, and the battle between them for survival. It is also a metaphor for the fear that exists between East and West when two men search for love, approval and forgiveness as their destinies collide.

RAIN SHADOW (6 x 1 hour mini-series)
Northside Productions Pty Ltd
Executive Producers: Miranda Dear, Errol Sullivan
Producer: Gus Howard
Director: George Ogilvie, Fiona Banks
Writers: Tony Morphett, Jimmy Thomson
Sales & Distribution: ABC, Southern Star International
Synopsis: Rain Shadow is the story of two characters who become the means of each other's future.

SEA PATROL (13 x 1 hour mini-series)
McElroy All Media
Executive Producers: Hal McElroy, Di McElroy
Directors: Geoff Bennett, Chris Martin-Jones
Story Producer: Susan Bower
Writers: Tony Morphett, Michaeley O'Brien, Jeff Truman, Sarah Smith
Sales & Distribution: Nine Network, RDF/Nine Films and Television
Synopsis: Every hour of every day in all weather young men and women of the Royal Australian Navy Patrol Boat Service battle the elements and the odds to defend Australia's borders and enforce its economic zone. They provide security, support and relief for the world's largest island - and longest coastline.

UNDERBELLY (13x1 hour mini-series)
Screentime Pty Ltd
Executive producers: Des Monaghan, Jo Horsburgh
Producers: Greg Haddrick, Brenda Pam
Director: Brendan Maher
Writers: Peter Gawler, Felicity Packard, Greg Haddrick
Sales and Distribution: Nine Network, Nine Film & TV/Portmans, TV3 New Zealand
Synopsis: Underbelly uses the framework of the murderous war between the two gangs, and the bigger moral war between the gangs and the Purana Task Force, to explore a complex array of individual stories and relationships - some touching, some incredible, all breathtaking - it is a mini-series that examines the kaleidoscopic nature of loyalty, love, revenge and pride when the normal and identifiable emotions of human attachment are moved from the context of social decency to social indecency.

VALENTINE'S DAY (telemovie)
December Films
Producer: Tony Wright
Director: Peter Duncan
Writer: Peter Temple
Sales & Distribution: ABC, ABC Enterprises
Synopsis: Ben Valentine drifts into Cardigan, a small Australian country town seemingly past it's used by date, at just the right time. Valentine's Day make us all feel like it is possible to snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

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