Projects 2007/2008 - Children's Television Drama
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2007/2008 - Children's Television Drama

The following children's television dramas were financed by the former FFC during the 2007/2008 period.

SLR Productions
Producer Suzanne Ryan
Director Jo Boag
Writers Brendan Luno
Sales and Distribution Nine Network, Australian Broadcasting Corporation, SLR Productions, Kabillion, Agogo Media Limited, Taffy Entertainment
Synopsis Based on the highly acclaimed Australian comic book series by extraordinaire author/illustrator Terry Denton, comes this hilarious fish-out-of-water animated series about Gasp a loveable hyperactive gold-fish and his fellow fury friends, left home alone.  In a house where nothing is normal or straight up, where animals walk, talk, sing and dance, where anything can and will happen, this 52 x 11-minute fin slapping series is set to come to a fish bowl near you, real soon!

Blue Rocket Productions Pty Ltd
Executive Producer David Gurney
Producer Alicia Rackett
Director David Gurney
Animation Director Matthew Van Rooijen
Writers Stu Connelly, Sam Carroll, Belinda Bradley, Franz Doherty
Sales and Distribution Blue Rocket Distribution, Daro Film Distribution, Nine Network Australia
Synopsis Nina finds things rarely go as planned with her mobile phone genie, Pixel Pinkie.

Optimistic Pictures
Executive Producer: Paige Livingston
Director: TBC
Writers: Jan Stradling, Lisa Kitching
Sales and Distribution: Seven Network, Tele Images
Synopsis: The Adventures of Charlotte and Henry is about the life and relationship between two very unlikely best friends.  An animated comic human story, told from the perspectives of two very different children as they go about their daily life and relate to family, friends and of course, Henry's dog Kym. While the characters are always realistically depicted - feisty, funny, idiosyncratic and sometimes in conflict - at heart, it is about people being kind and decent to each other, treating each other with respect and with tolerance

BLUE WATER HIGH SERIES 3 (26x30 minute mini-series)
Northside Productions Pty Limited
Producers: Noel Price, Dennis Keily
Directors: Marcus Cole, Ralph Strasser
Writers: TBC
Sales and Distribution: ABC TV, Nickelodeon - Australia, Southern Star, AB Droits - France, Cattleya - Italy
Synopsis: Six top Australian teenage surfers are selected to live at an elite training facility. At the end of the year two of them - a boy and a girl - will be awarded sponsorship and wild card entry to the Pro Surfing Circuit. The series is about their intense competition - to get the wild card, to pass exams, and to grow up.

ELEPHANT PRINCESS (26x30 minute mini-series)
Jonathan M Shiff Productions
Executive Producer: Jonathan M Shiff
Co-producer: Joanna Werner
Director: Rodger Hodgman, Colin Budds
Writers: Phillip Dalkin, Anthony Morris, Max Dann, Chris Anastassiades, Simon Butters, Sam Carroll, Chris Roache
Sales and Distribution: Network Ten, Disney Channel, ZDF, ZDF Enterprises
Synopsis: Phoebe Wilson suddenly finds out that she's not an average, suburban girl - she's really the Princess of a mystical kingdom! But if her exotic visitor Kuru and a magical elephant can't help her master her new magical powers soon, then everything and everyone she knows is in danger.

K9 (26x30 minute mini-series)
Stewart & Wall Entertainment Pty Ltd
Executive Producer: Grant Bradley, Jim Howell
Producers: Penny Wall, Richard Stewart, Simon Barnes
Director: TBA
Writer: Bob Baker
Sales and Distribution: Network Ten, Jetix, Park Entertainment
Synopsis: K9 is a highly refined robot in the guise and personality of a dog!
However - K9 is nobody's pet - he is a highly intelligent creature created from a form of 'living metal' and when we first meet this fantastic robot he is guarding an abandoned prison transportation craft.

SNAKE TALES (13x30 minute mini-series)
Westside Film & Television Pty Ltd
Producer: Ann Darrouzet, Brendan Luno
Writers: Brendan Luno, Alix Beane, Anthony Watt
Sales and Distribution: Nine Network, Beyond Entertainment Ltd
Synopsis: Two completely different teenage girls from opposite ends of the world are forced to live together in a run-down snake park in Outback Australia - with only their very strange families for company.

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